Tattoo camouflage makeup is very useful for those wanting to cover a visible tattoo for weddings or formal/corporate occasions.  

Covering tattoos is quite a process – a lot of time is required to neutralise out the colour and then match the skin tone to make them disappear.  This requires layers of makeup and setting powder, as well as mixing of colours to match the clients skin.

The same process can be used to cover scars and discolourations caused by psoriasis, vitiligo, birth marks or scars.  Amazing results are achieved using the Kryolan Dermacolor range and once finished the tattoo cover ups are waterproof/smudgeproof and will last for many hours.

Professionally trained and with an arsenal of film-quality Kryolan products at her disposal, Maria will provide premium tattoo cover ups for your next event. Based in Melbourne and mobile up to 15km without any additional fees, contact Maria today on 0429 400 842 for a quote.