Absolutely Polished, Nails and Nail Art!

A while ago, I was chatting to a friend at a party when I noticed her nails - they were painted beautifully with two nails featuring watermelon over the entire nail!  I asked her where she'd had them done and was told at I Scream Nails in Collingwood.  Now, because I was all over Instagram, I immediately searched and started following them and so began my obsession with nails and nail art!  So much so, that I decided to learn how to do nails professionally and completed my Certificate II in Nail Technology in July 2014.  

I've been offering nail services ever since and work from Absolutely Polished salon at Level 1/56 Hardware Lane Melbourne.  It's a beautiful space working alongside Val who also does nails (she's been doing nails for over 20 years) and Elaine who offers a range of beauty treatments.  The space is also shared with the girls at KODO Hair so you can have your nails, beauty and hair treatments all done in the one place!  

The place is usually a buzz with good vibes all round so come and get your nails done - make an appointment today - call 0429 400 842  or  9041 4897 and ask for Maria!