Tattoo Camouflage Makeup

Tattoo camouflage makeup is very useful for those wanting to cover a visible tattoo perhaps for a wedding, formal or corporate occasion. 

A recent client of mine, a bridesmaid in her friends wedding, requested to have her large back tattoo camouflaged with makeup.  Covering tattoos is quite a process – a lot of time is required to neutralise out the colour and then match the skin tone to make them disappear.  This requires layers of makeup and setting powder, as well as mixing of colours to match the clients skin.

Before & After tattoo camouflage makeup for my client Keely.

My 'go-to' product for Tattoo cover-ups is the Kryolan Dermacolor range, it's an AMAZING product that can also be used to camouflage/conceal skin conditions like rosacea, acne scars or bruising.  Read below Keely's  review of her experience with tattoo camouflage makeup.