DRAG QUEEN TRANSFORMATION - Turning an ordinary guy into Priscilla Queen of the Desert!

I completed my Diploma of Specialised Makeup at Victoria University in June 2013.  One of the highlights for me of the course, was the ‘Night of Notables’ exhibition all students were involved in as part of our final assessment.

Night of Notables involves each student choosing a character of note, from a movie, cartoon, story etc.. and then recreating the character on a model, designing the makeup, wig and costume.  Each character is then displayed in a live exhibition for public viewing.

The character I chose to recreate was Mitzi Del Bra, the famous thong dress wearing Drag Queen from the movie Priscilla Queen of the Desert.  Once I had decided on my character, then began months of planning and preparing for the Night of Notables event on June 17, 2013 at La Di Da in the City.

A scene from Priscilla Queen of the Desert with Mitzi wearing the 'thong' dress.  (sourced from Google images)

I used the original character as inspiration but added a few different touches to my version of Mitzi, to ensure I put my own spin on it.  I made the costume with 42 individual thongs, zip-ties, acrylic paint, loads of craft glue and a shit load of pink and orange crystals! 

Mitzi's hair was created by sewing two wigs together, setting it in rollers and then styled into place with padding, pins and two full cans of hairspray!

Next, was designing the makeup.. Drag Queen makeup is very different from a natural beauty makeup so to help me develop the perfect 'Mitzi' style, I did a workshop with the fabulous Philmah Bocks - Lashes and Lipstick - to learn her step-by-step ritual for the perfect drag makeup.  

There's so much involved with makeup to transform a man into a woman, intense contouring is pretty much the key.  Contouring the face, changing the eyes with heavy lines and contouring as well as raising the eyebrows, by blocking out the natural ones and drawing in the new ones.

My friend Ale has always had a fascination with being made up in drag so he gladly volunteered to be my model for the day!  Below are a few images of the different stages of drag makeup..

Finally, after all of the preparation and planning that had been done, the day was here and I was pumped! My brother John had agreed (with a little convincing) to be my model for the day and slipped into the role of Mitzi, surprisingly well!  

It was a really long day, most of it spent preparing Mitzi for the final exhibition but once she was ready, I was really happy with the end result!  Then it was onto La Di Da to relax, have a drink and enjoy then night!  Check out some of the pics from the day below...